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At OPDS, we understand the unique needs of international students studying abroad. As a leading provider of guardianship services, we are dedicated to ensuring the safety, well-being and success of each one as they pursue their educational dreams in a foreign land.

We specialise in providing comprehensive guardianship services designed to offer students the support and care they need whilst navigating the variety of challenges they will face.  Our experienced team is committed to fostering a nurturing environment that allows students to focus on their education and personal growth.

Recognising the diversity of our student clientele, we adopt a culturally sensitive approach to guardianship, ensuring that our services resonate with the unique backgrounds and needs of each student.

Our commitment to the well-being of international students is unwavering. We provide around-the-clock support, addressing emergencies and concerns promptly and efficiently.

Beyond traditional guardianship responsibilities, we actively advocate for the academic success of our students, collaborating with schools and educational institutions to create an optimal learning environment.  This includes:

  • Facilitating secure and comfortable holiday arrangements, including homestays and designated accommodation
  • Ensuring students have the necessary tools and resources for academic success, including tutoring, language support and educational guidance

With a global perspective, we understand the unique challenges faced by all our students and offer appropriate tailored solutions.  OPDS has a vast network of partners, including schools, host families, agents and support services, ensuring a seamless experience for students.  We prioritise the individual needs and aspirations of each student, aiming to create an environment where they can thrive both academically and personally.

China VVIP

  • Yearly agreement. 
  • Each family is supported by Mandarin speaking consultants, one from London and one from the Beijing office covering 24/07 in both locations and languages. 
  • Presumes student will stay in UK for most school holidays
  • Mandarin Speaking host families are available
  • Academic consultancy including subject selection, career guidance and all relevant academic issues.
  • Please contact the Beijing Office Manager on who will be delighted to help you.


  • Yearly agreement.
  • Presumes student will stay in UK for most holidays
  • £50 Registration Fee and £1595 Service Charge (plus VAT)


  • Yearly or Termly agreement to suit your needs
  • Presumes student will return home for holidays
  • Meets all the requirements as set out by UK schools
  • £50 Registration Fee and £650 Service Charge (plus VAT)


  • Termly agreement that can be extended until the term in which the student turns 18
  • Meets all the requirements as set out by UK Universities
  • £50 Registration Fee and £200 Service Charge (plus VAT)

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