Your Trusted Partner in School Placement, Guardianship and Tutoring for a British Education.

Welcome to OPDS, where educational excellence meets personalised care. As a leading provider of school placement and guardianship services since 1996, we are committed to guiding students towards their academic goals whilst ensuring a supportive and secure environment throughout their educational journey.

Who We Are

At OPDS, we understand the importance of a well-rounded education. We believe that every student deserves an environment that fosters personal development and success. With a team of experienced education consultants and dedicated guardianship professionals, we strive to provide the best comprehensive support to students and their families.

What Sets Us Apart

Tailored School Placement: We specialise in matching students with the educational institutions that best align with their academic aspirations and personal preferences.

Comprehensive Guardianship Services: Our guardianship services go beyond legal requirements, offering a caring and supportive environment for students who may be studying away from home.  We treat each child as our own.

Global Network: With a wide network of partner schools, agents and experienced guardianship teams, we ensure a seamless and enriching educational experience for students from all over the world.

Our Services

School Placement: Helping students find the right educational institution from amongst our 110 on offer, whether it’s a boarding school, language school, or university. 

Guardianship: Providing a reliable and caring support system for students studying abroad, including all aspects of welfare, accommodation, travel and academic support.

Online Tutoring: Access to qualified tutors for personalised, remote learning support.  Tailored tutoring programs to address specific academic needs and enhance overall learning outcomes.

Why Choose OPDS

Expert Guidance: Our team of education consultants has extensive knowledge of the UK education landscape, ensuring informed decision-making.

Safety and Well-being: We prioritise the safety and well-being of our students, offering a guardianship service that goes beyond legal requirements to provide a nurturing environment.

Global Reach: With partnerships and services that span across borders, we cater for the diverse needs of international students.

Get In Touch

Ready to embark on a journey of academic success and personal growth? Contact OPDS today on Whether you are a student, parent, agent or educational institution, we look forward to being your trusted partner in education and guardianship.

Thank you for considering OPDS – where educational aspirations are realised, and students thrive.

AEGIS Gold Standard Accredited Guardians

OPDS have been accredited by AEGIS since 2014 and attained Gold Standard in 2018.   Everyone at OPDS works hard to maintain the highest levels of professional service at all times with safeguarding as our priority.

BSA Certified Agent and Guardian

OPDS have been certified by BSA since 2020 and continue to maintain the high standards in both placement and guardianship that are required for this accreditation.

BBSN Approved Agent

OPDS became an approved agent with BBSN in 2022 and continues to work closely with them and all schools to maintain the high levels of service.  Many schools choose to only work with BBSN Approved Agents because they know BBSN has high standards and a rigorous process to justify Approved status.

Meet the founders

Sunny Field

The co-founder, Sunny Field, is passionate about education, especially the brilliance of British private education. Having run OPDS for nearly 30 years, Sunny has seen vast progress in the sector, notably for international students. Sunny has also witnessed thousands of young students benefitting from the UK system.  OPDS is devoted to the academic and personal development of all students.  Safeguarding is at the top of the agenda for every service we offer.

Larry Field

As Operations Director, Larry is responsible for day to day issues and long term strategic development as the company continues to grow.  Larry also attends parents’ meetings for A-level/IB students with a view to guiding them through their university career decisions. After taking degrees in Psychology, Computer Science and Manpower Planning he gained 25 years’ experience  in the computer and HR sectors, before establishing OPDS with Sunny in 1996.

London Office


Candy joined OPDS in November 2019.  With a strong background in administration and financial reporting in various sectors, her prime responsibilities are as Admissions Manager and DSL but she also looks after some of our Worldwide and European Guardian students.


Andrea has been working at OPDS since the summer term of 2015.  She is our Host Family Manager, including the management of Safeguarding courses and the DBS process.  Andrea also looks after some Worldwide and European Guardian Students.


Frances joined us in November 2019 as a Guardian Consultant.  She is very keen to encourage students to do their best at all times.  Frances aims to build solid relationships with all her students and families.


Lynda joined OPDS in September 2022 to manage and grow the tutoring side of the business.  She takes great pleasure in finding the best tutor to match each student’s individual needs.  Her role also includes planning and organising trips during the school holidays for students who are unable to go home.


In April 2023 Cathy joined the London office as Guardian Consultant.  She is one of the Mandarin speakers responsible for a number of students and pays great attention to safeguarding and the individual requirements of each one.


Ying started at OPDS in December 2023 as a Guardian Consultant.  She is efficient and methodical in her approach which allows her to work with a wide range of schools across the country..


Michelle joined OPDS in November 2023.  Initially she was employed to assist Lynda with Online Tuition but she is now also working as a Guardian Consultant.  Michelle is an enthusiastic member of the team and works hard to ensure students have what they need.

Beijing Office


Cici has worked for OPDS for 15 years and is the Manager of our Beijing office.  She takes great care in providing the highest standards for all services offered, including applications, guardianship, tutoring and parent liaison.  She also works closely with our wide range of partners in the major cities throughout China.


Having worked for OPDS previously, Luta re-joined the company in July 2023 as Assistant to Cici.  Her role includes all elements of administration pertaining to our services.


Jason joined OPDS in 2022 working from our Beijing office.  He is a very positive, proactive and enthusiastic member of the team.  With a hands-on business oriented approach Jason is able to manage all aspects of guardianship and applications to meet client needs.


Cheryl joined OPDS in September 2021 as a Guardian Consultant.  She also guides families through the visa process and produces promotional material for WeChat.

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