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In today’s world there is little reward for finishing second. If you are being interviewed for a place at university or a job later in life, it is important to impress and maximise your chances of an offer.
All candidates will have acquired the appropriate academic knowledge and skills prior to being invited. Your personal qualities, including the manner in which you deliver your replies, will now come under scrutiny in what may be a pressurised environment.

Having interviewed over 2,500 people for a wide variety of positions, we offer you a range of valuable hints and advice to improve your performance, based on an interview.
Typically, this takes one hour during which you receive questions you may expect. Notes are taken based on your replies and body language and, after a short break, feedback is provided and explained for a further hour or so.

You provide basic information about the interview you are to be considered for, together with personal information which you may be required to submit.
Key benefits of this service include:

  • The interview is tailor made to suit your purpose.
  • You will acquire a better understanding of the interview process.
  • You develop an increase in confidence from the experience.
  • Valuable tips and advice are explained, based on your personal performance.
  • You are more likely to be successful

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OPDS is a wholly accredited member of Aegis, the Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students.  As such, we offer the highest levels of care including well documented procedures and detailed record keeping.


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