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Educational Consultation and Support

OPDS is always available to offer guidance and support to both students and parents on any matter. Key areas in which we offer advice include:

Educational Profiling

Developments in educational profiling have shown that strengths and weaknesses can be reliably identified from the information provided solely by the student, on completion of one simple aptitude and another multiple choice based interest questionnaire. Results from the tests we use have been of great benefit to students and parents when they are considering the best subjects for the student to study at school and later at university. Feedback sessions are arranged with the student at which the reports are explained to them and they are encouraged to carry out research into some areas identified as ones in which they could be very successful.

Entry to the School

A detailed Personal Plan, when combined with the High School scores and results from Educational Profiling, enables OPDS to recommend suitable subject combinations to maximise the likelihood of top grades being achieved at school. Input is also gained from the experience of the teachers prior to the decision being finalised by the student.

Translation of School Reports

Most schools produce reports every term and frequently every half term. Where required, OPDS translates these into the native language for parents to be kept abreast of their child’s progress, both personally and academically. Additionally, we discuss any highlighted areas of strength or weakness with the child, ensuring they fully realise the importance of putting in extra effort and seeking additional support, where necessary.

Attending School Meetings and Regular Visits

We attend various educational, social and fundraising events at the school on your behalf. These typically include Speech Day, Parents’ Evenings, meeting with Head Masters, Teachers, Housemaster / Housemistress and visits to meet students.

In addition, we are in contact with the school on a regular basis and visit the academic staff at least twice per year to ensure we are kept aware of changes to personnel, accommodation, security matters, school facilities and the academic performance of each student.

Next Educational Step

Students generally perform best when they enjoy the subjects they are studying, as long as they contain material which plays to their strengths and avoids their weaknesses. We discuss all aspects of their performance with Careers Staff in the School and feed back our recommendations to you for a final decision.

University Application

Periodically students face difficulty in certain areas and, in these cases, we ensure that extra lessons can be provided where required, to enable the student to meet the academic standards expected of them. OPDS offers a Personal Study Plan Programme during which a qualified OPDS Counsellor works with your child to identify areas which require improvement. The final timetable produced is then agreed with the child and the House Staff at the School as being one which is realistic and which will enable the child to achieve their objectives.



OPDS is a wholly accredited member of Aegis, the Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students.  As such, we offer the highest levels of care including well documented procedures and detailed record keeping.


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