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Formed in 1996, OPDS is fully aware of the needs of overseas students when they attend educational courses here in the UK. We aim to make the experience a positive and enjoyable one which enables the student to meet his/her objectives at each stage.

To this end, it is important that the academic aims of the student are not impeded by day to day worries and problems. It is of equal importance that the parents feel secure in the knowledge that their child's physical, emotional and educational needs are being fulfilled.

It is of substantial benefit for all overseas students residing in the UK to have a parent or guardian in this country. Additionally, most schools insist on a UK based Guardian for all overseas students during their stay at the school

At OPDS we have extensive experience of the care and welfare of children from primary education right through their formative years. Working closely with parents and staff in schools, we have developed a wealth of knowledge and experience which equips us to discharge our responsibilities with maximum efficiency.
With each child under our care we:

  • Get to know them and their parents as fully as possible so that a strong bond of friendship and mutual respect can be developed. We adopt a 'firm but fair' approach towards the child at all times, taking into consideration information supplied by other parties, including school staff, colleagues and home stay families. We treat and care for your child as we would our own.
  • Are available to talk to children and parents at all times, so that issues can be discussed and diffused before they become of major concern. We encourage them to overcome periods of difficulty, as we believe that confidence and satisfaction can be derived from meeting and facing such adversities. We also advise the child on any aspect of their study so that improved performance can be obtained or increased satisfaction be derived from their education here in the UK.
  • Encourage the child to explore all the wonderful places the UK has to offer during their holidays, so that a better cultural understanding can be gained from their time here. We assume responsibility for travel and accommodation arrangements whenever necessary.

Through our ongoing liaison with the institutions where your child studies, we maintain an excellent understanding of all aspects of the English education system. This enables us to provide the best career advice for the children and their parents at all stages of their studies here in the UK.

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OPDS is a wholly accredited member of Aegis, the Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students.  As such, we offer the highest levels of care including well documented procedures and detailed record keeping.


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